EpicBeat simplifies content curation by allowing you to search for relevant content and share it with your network without even leaving the tool.

1. To curate content, just enter the term/phrase/topic in the search bar.

2. The resultant page will show you all the relevant content for that topic that’s been shared across major networks over the previous month. The search results are sorted by relevance by default. 

3. You can further sort the content by a range of parameters- shares, comments, applause, publish time or engagement on major networks to reach the kind of content you are looking to curate.

4. Sift through the content pieces to identify the ones that you’d like to share. Click on the content card to view a snippet of the content as well as some metrics like article sentiment, word count etc.

Select the platform you’d like to post to and enter your credentials to log in and share directly.

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