You can add up to 10 alerts to your EpicBeat Plus subscription. An EpicBeat Free subscription gives you one alert.

1. To add an alert, log into your Epictions account, click on 'Add Alert' on the top right corner of your screen.

2. Click on 'Add New Alert'.

3. Enter the search term that you'd like to set up an alert for. Additionally, if there are other team members you'd like to send alerts to, enter their e-mail address(es) as well.

4. Once you've saved your alert and it has been successfully added, it will appear in your list of alerts.

5. You can choose to edit or deactivate your alert at any point. Deactivating an alert will immediately stop alert emails to all users. A deactivated alert can be reactivated anytime in the future.

6. You can even choose to delete an alert when you are done with it. Deleting an alert will stop sending alert emails to all users receiving them. This action cannot be undone. If you need to set up an alert that you deleted earlier, you would need to do so all the way from step #1.

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