You can change your billing plan at any point by contacting us at Visit our pricing page to know more about the plans offered by us across products.

Change of plans won't affect your billing cycle. However, it may affect the price of your subscription. Discounts or special-offer coupons (that were applicable on the previous plan) may no longer apply. 

Some things to keep in mind.

Upgrading from monthly to annual

If you change your subscription from monthly to annual during your current billing cycle, the change will come into effect at the end of your current billing cycle. For example, if you signed up for a monthly EpicBeat Plus subscription on 15th April 2016 but decide to change to an annual plan on 20th April 2016, then the change will happen on 15th May 2016. 

Changing from annual to monthly

You can change your subscription from annual to monthly by contacting us at The remaining amount, when going from an annual plan to a monthly one, will not be refunded but added as credits to your account that will then be prorated and redeemed automatically