EpicBeat is ideal for content and influencer research. Apart from a simple keyword research, there are a whole lot of search options that can help you find the kind of content you're looking for.

Here's how you can search on EpicBeat:

1. Search by keyword.

To find all the available content for a specific keyword, just enter the word in the search bar.

2. Search by multiple keywords.

If there is more than one word in your search query, enter each term separately in the search bar to get content that incorporates all the mentioned terms.

3. Search by phrase.

To search for a particular phrase, enter the entire phrase in quotes to treat the entire search term as one unit.

4. Using the "OR" function.

If you need to find content that includes one of multiple search keywords, then include each one of them separated by an 'OR'.

5. Removing irrelevant results.

If you would like to remove specific search results that commonly appear with your search query, use the '-' function to filter the results.

6. All the content on a particular website.

To get all the content that has been posted on a particular website, enter the url in the search bar.

7. Find specific content within a particular domain.

To find content for a particular topic that has been published on a domain, enter the url of the website followed by your search phrase/ keyword.

8. Search for a keyword within the body of the article.

If you'd like to refine your search to include all documents that possess a specific term within the article text and not just restrict it to being present in the headline or description, enter the search query in the following manner:

If this looks interesting and you'd like to know more about using EpicBeat, you can read about it here. If you'd like to get started already, click here to reach your login page!