EpicBeat brings you influencers segmented by channels. However, it further refines influencer search on Twitter by segmenting the influencers based on their sharing behaviour on the network. 

Here are the different Twitter influencers you can find on EpicBeat:

Curator: Actively curate high-quality content in their area of interest.  

Retweeter: Actively shares and retweets content that appeals to them.

Responder: Highly engaged users who prefer one-on-one conversations with their followers.

Original poster: Largely share original content which reflects their unique point of view.

Promoter: Mostly post and promote original content hosted on their own web properties.

Reciprocal followers: You follow, they follow you back. It's that simple.

1. To find influencers across these persona types, enter the phrase/ industry you'd like to target in the search bar.

2. Click on the Multi-channel influencers tab.

3. Select 'Twitter' from the channels tab on the left of your screen.

4. Click on the 'show' filter and select the appropriate persona type.

5. You can further refine your search by sorting the results based on the kind of influencer behaviour you'd like to find.

If you'd like to know more about how to engage with each type of influencer, read our detailed post on influencer research here. To get started on your own research, click here to log into EpicBeat.