EpicBeat simplifies content research by bringing you top performing content for your chosen topic or industry. To find content, log into your EpicBeat account using your username and password. 

1. Enter your query in the search bar. Let's look at 'fitness' as our topic.

2. The resulting search shows you content that has been published in the previous month for fitness. 

3. Click on insights to know more about your topic. You can select 'Content Insights' from the horizontal menu or click on the 'Go to insights' button under the overview card. The insights card shows that content on fitness works really well on Pinterest. 

4. Since EpicBeat allows you to sort by channel engagement you can refine your search by sorting your results by Pinterest engagement. This gives you top fitness related content that is performing well on Pinterest.

5. You can further refine your search by filtering the content based on the format of your choice. Since YouTube is extremely popular for fitness, let's filter the content by videos.

5. You can even download the list of content, which in this case would be the links to all those great fitness videos, by exporting the content in the format of your choice.

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