EpicBeat simplifies influencer research by bringing you top influencers for your chosen topic or industry across channels. To find influencers, log into your EpicBeat account using your username and password. 

1. Enter your query in the search bar. EpicBeat scans user bios to identify influencers. Constructing the right search query is key to finding the right influencers. 

For the purpose of this how-to, let's look at 'fitness' as our topic. I've used a few more fitness related keywords in my query to identify influencers better.

2. The resulting search shows you content that has been published in the previous month for fitness. Click on the "Multi-channel Influencers" tab in the horizontal menu.

3. Refine your search by selecting the channels you'd like to focus on. 

3. You can even download the list of influencers in the format of your choice.

Create an EpicBeat account to find top performing content and influencers for your topic or industry. Sign up for an account here.