Use EpicBeat Plus to download influencer lists in multiple formats (XLS/CSV)

1. Enter the term in the search box. EpicBeat scans user bios for the keywords provided by you. Ensure that you use keywords that are descriptive of the industry you're targeting and have a higher chance of appearing in the influencer's bio.

2. Click on the "Multi-channel Influencers" tab in the horizontal menu.

3. Use to filter options to select the channel-specific influencers you'd like to find. For eg. if you select 'Twitter' then your download will only include prominent influencers for the industry on Twitter. You can even sort the influencers by relevance, number of followers or number of posts.


4. EpicBeat has an additional filter for Twitter influencers which allows you to sort them by persona. To download a specific persona type, select it from the dropdown.

You can read more about our persona categories in this post. 

5. Once you've chosen the appropriate filters, click on 'export content' and select the format you'd like for the download.

Note: Your influencer download will only consist of the first 1000 entries in your selected category/ channel. 

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