Thanks for trying EpicBeat! This quick guide aims to initiate you into the world of EpicBeat and simplify content research for you, forever.

You can alternatively, watch this video for a quick run-through.

Without further ado, here goes!

1. Log into EpicBeat using your username and password and enter the keyword in the search bar.  

2. You can run a basic keyword search to get content related to the topic you've chosen. But if you'd like to be an EpicBeat ninja and get amazingly relevant results, use a combination of the search options to create an epic query. 

3. Select the appropriate date-range that you'd like to see content for to refine your search.

3. Once you've used the right search options and specified the data range, play around with the sort and filter options on the left of your screen. Sort allows you to refine search by a number of options such as publish time, relevance and even channel specific engagement.

4. You can filter by content format to specify the formats you would like to see.

5. You can even specify the content type you'd like to find.

6. Filter the content by geography if you're interested in a particular target audience and would like to only see content from a specific country/ countries.

7. Move over to the content insights tab in the horizontal menu to know more about:

- Popular days to publish

- Ideal word-count and sentiment

- Best content formats that work  

- Top domains that publish content for the selected topic or industry

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