Prerequisites and permissions

  • Your are a paying EpicBeat user and are not currently on trial.
  • Curation features have been enabled for your account. Ideally, they are when you have a full EpicBeat Plus subscription but do send us a quick e-mail if you don't see them enabled.

Follow these steps to generate the Curation API key.

1. Click Setup at the top right of the menu bar and select Curation from the dropdown.

2. Click Add New Blog.

3. Fill in the blog URL including "http://"or "https://" and click Save.

4. The API key is generated once your blog is successfully added to the list. Click the copy icon to copy the API key to your clipboard.

You're not through with your Curation setup just yet. You still need to install the Epictions Curation plugin. Here's how that's done.