You'll need a valid Epictions account with curation enabled in order to use the curation plugin. Configure the Epictions Curation Plugin as per the steps mentioned in this post.

1. To start curating, you will need to login to your account and visit a curated stream or start a new search. Once you've identified the content pieces you'd like to curate on your blog, click the Bookmark icon below the article title to add it to curation queue.

2. Once you have added an article to the curation list, you can click the bookmark icon again to remove it. The count in top right will update to show the number of articles in your queue.

3. Once you have selected the content, click Publish and then click the appropriate blog address you would like to publish the content to. 

Depending on your settings, the content will be saved as a draft or published straightaway. You can add up to 20 articles at a time to your curation list.