If you have configured the Curation plugin and successfully added the API key but are still getting an error when trying to publish articles, here are some common troubleshooting steps that you should take before reaching out to us.

Step 1: Double-check to confirm you have the correct address of your blog on EpicBeat

When putting in your blog's address under Curation on EpicBeat, you need to enter the path to the directory where WordPress is installed, not a link to your blog page. For example, if you have installed WordPress at yourawesomesite.com but your blog is at yourawesomesite.com/blog, you need to put yourawesomesite.com.

However, if you have installed WordPress in a subfolder of your website, say, yourawesomesite.com/wp, then you need to put yourawesomesite.com/wp.

Rule Of Thumb

Look at the address that you use to log in to WordPress. Remove the wp-admin or wp-login.php from the end of the link and put in the rest.

Sticking with our example, if you log in at yourawesomesite.com/wp-admin, you need to put yourawesometime.com on EpicBeat. If you log in at yourawesomesite.com/wp/wp-admin, put yourawesomesite.com/wp/.

Step 2: Make sure there's no redirection

If you are using https or www when putting in the link to your blog or site on EpicBeat, make sure there's no redirection from these protocols. Sometimes www.yourawesomesite.com may redirect to yourawesomesite.com. That causes known (and messy) problems with the plugin.

Just go to the page where you log in to WordPress and add the part before wp-admin to EpicBeat.

Step 3: Check your security and firewall plugins

If you see the error "Couldn't say hi to WordPress at all.", this is usually a security plugin blocking our plugin's access to your site. You will need to whitelist our IP address first.

A Word About WP-Spamshield

WP-Spamshield is known to block our requests to WordPress blogs. You need to whitelist our IP address in WP-Spamshield Settings for our plugin to work. Here's how your settings should look after.

Additionally, you may also need to check the Disable anti-spam for miscellaneous forms box in WP-Spamshield.

If you don't have a security plugin, your host may have a firewall that's blocking us. Get in touch with your host with the following message and they will send you instructions for allowing our plugin through their firewall. We're happy to be looped in if you need us to talk to your them. Just copy support@epictions.com on your e-mails.


I'm trying to publish content remotely from https://epicenter.epictions.com/epicbeat with as their IP address.

They send a POST request with the content I want to post to my blog. The URL for these requests is my-website/v1/validate [replace my-website with your website's details]. Is there a firewall that's blocking these requests?

Thank you.

Step 4: Check to see if the particular piece can be curated

When you see an error on EpicBeat telling you some content pieces you picked could not be published, it could be because:

  1. The original publisher's site is down.
  2. The specific article or infographic does not exist anymore while still showing up on our system.
  3. We have trouble fetching that specific piece of content because of structural restrictions.

Troubleshooting The Error "These article(s) could not be published"

1. Check if the original website is working

You can click the title to open it in new tab. If you see an Internal Server Error, this is usually because the website is temporarily unavailable. You probably want to check the link again in a few hours and see it is back up.If it is a not found error, the piece has most probably been removed after it was indexed by us. Since we haven't invented time machines yet, we won't be able to curate this article for you. :(

2. Retry in some time

If the link is available but can't be curated after repeated attempts, you may want to wait for some time and then retry. Every time we can't get content from a link for curation, we get notified and investigate the issue. If you see failure messages after a couple days, get in touch with us at support@epictions.com and we will try to fix that for you.

If you still can't publish to your blog after all this, send us a request with as much detail as you can to support@epictions.com and we will work with you to get it fixed.