Our three-click curation feature (available only to full EpicBeat Plus accountsnot trials) supports curation for infographics and articles only. Curation for videos, podcasts, slideshows, and other rich media is not supported.

While we'd love to support them, here's a few reasons why we can't always.

1. WordPress's oEmbed allows embeds from popular services

If you're interested in curating videos or other rich content from YouTube, Vimeo, or DailyMotion, WordPress already supports those services. You can just paste the link to the content you want to curate in your editor and WordPress will take care of it for you. For more details, see the documentation for Embeds on WordPress Codex.

2. WordPress does not allow javascript or iFrames inside of post content by default

Any external javascript added to a WordPress post will not work. WordPress prevents embeds or iFrames from being pasted into the content and removes them automatically. You can enable this by using some plugins but this is a potential security risk and we do not recommend it.

3. Proprietary Media & Licensing

Media players, in general (e.g., Brightcove), have strict licensing terms and don't allow their content to be taken outside of the original publisher's site(s) without licensing agreements. We don't support such content. Even if we did, the video just wouldn't play because of restrictions applied by the original publisher.

If you have reason to believe the content picker's not showing outside of the above reasons, please get in touch at support@epictions.com so we can investigate and fix it for you.